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Leaving your Job

A great deal of attention is quite rightly, focused on how to Apply for a new Job, writing a good CV and how to behave at Interview. Here we look at another aspect of Employment  – how to leave in the best way.

It’s never going to be easy, but having made your mind up to move on to a new job there are a few things you can do to smooth your departure;

Things to do:

* Firstly, make absolutely certain you’re doing the right thing and think through the consequences.

* Write a formal letter of resignation, addressed to your boss. Make sure you give the required period of notice.

* Ensure that you are aware of any outstanding salary, holiday pay and any other compensation owing to you – particularly if your employer tries to get you to leave early or wants to reduce your notice period.

* Be constructive and positive. Offer to complete all outstanding projects and brief your boss and other appropriate colleagues.

* Ensure that you have all the employer’s property – car, phone, laptop, etc, in good condition and ready to hand back at short notice.

* Obtain contact details for those colleagues that you wish to keep in touch with.

* Be enthusiastic and focused until you leave, don’t burn any bridges or antagonise anyone during your notice period.

Things to avoid:

* Not being prepared! You may be asked to leave at short notice. Make sure you have all your personal possessions packed and ready to take with you.

* Saying anything derogatory or negative about your employer, boss or colleagues.

* Feeling guilty about leaving!

* Becoming ‘de-mob happy’. Carry on working hard and don’t take any unnecessary time off during your notice period.

* Getting your own back! No matter if you are unhappy with the situation leading up to your departure, avoid the temptation to do anything damaging or malicious.

* Damaging you reputation. Be professional to the end. You never know when you will meet your ex-colleagues again!