Motorsport is all about Speed: Straight line speed, Cornering Speed, Pit Stop Speed, Speed of Car Development and Speed of introducing New Technology, to name just a few areas.

Speed is also important when it comes to recruiting the right people. Recruitment can sometimes drag on over many months, or years, when filling a critical or senior vacancy. Difficulties with lead times in terms of identifying, evaluating and interviewing Candidates are often compounded in the motorsport sector, by Fixed Term Contracts, Notice Periods and Non-Competition Clauses. Our ‘record’ longest period from first meeting a candidate to his starting in position, was 15 Months but it did involve relocation to the USA and complications with obtaining a Work Visa. Even so, over 6 months from being instructed by a Client to the successful Candidate joining them is becoming the norm in top level motorsport for mid-senior level vacancies.

Why am I mentioning this? Recently we were asked by a long-standing Client to assist in recruiting a senior level Technical Group Leader with very specific experience, from one of their competitors. Confidentiality and the need to act quickly were key requirements. Immediately we were able to draw up a list of potential Candidates based upon our previous experience and detailed knowledge of this particular area of motorsport. Within two days we had agreed the priority list of Candidates with our Client and contacted eight potentially suitable individuals to ascertain their suitability, interest and availability. This was made easier by information built up over many years and not needing to resort to LinkedIn, Facebook or Job Boards as the main means of contacting or trying to target Candidates. After a further three days, we had conducted detailed telephone Interviews and gathered key information and up to date C.V’s on the three most promising individuals. This information was presented to the Client for their consideration while we chased down a couple of those on the priority list who were slow to respond. At the end of the second week of the Project we were able to make arrangements for three Candidates to meet with Senior Technical and HR representatives, over the next few weeks.

Beginning project to presenting Candidates – 1 Week. Beginning project to arranging Interviews with Client – 2 Weeks. Beginning Project to Client meeting Candidates –  4 Weeks.

We are now working with our Client to move the project on to Job Offer stage with the best of the three Candidates that we submitted and follow through to a successful appointment. This will take a further week or so and there is little that we can do about the Notice period involved which is 6 Months.

Undoubtedly on this occasion we were able to shorten the process by many weeks if not months, by using our specialist knowledge and experience.

That is Speed in Motorsport Recruitment !